Built to Sink

by La Vasa

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released December 1, 2011



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La Vasa Santa Barbara, California

When La Vasa! is near your hair will stand on end, toenails will rot, knees will explode, mouth will go dry, and a new sense of certainty that everything is not okay will take over...or something like that. Bringing back old school brutal punk tracks that are needed more than ever, La Vasa! is here... ... more

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Track Name: Live or Kill
Live or Kill:

What is causing my addiction
I don't know what it is that I'm longing for
What is causing my affliction
My skin is crawling with anticipation
Others have so little
I already have so much
Any more could be considered gluttonous
Taking it back a notch is easier said than done
What part of me makes me wanna become gluttonous

When smoke is like air
And beer is like water
Even though you've had enough
It still doesn't matter
I'm drinking them until they're gone
And I'm lighting up another
You know you've had a good time
When you can't even remember it

I'm gluttonous
Track Name: Friendship Song
Let's be friends again
I'm sorry for the things that were never said
I'm sorry for the things that were said

But there were more good times than bad
They were some of the best times
That I've ever had
So let's smile now let's not frown let's get down

I remember when we pulled the plants up
Threw them on the roof and then we got drunk
And drove around the backyard with you on the roof of my car
I remember when you peed on me
I know that it was dark and that we were camping
Then you walked into the lake because it was fun

I remember when you pushed me down
And I hit the ground
And you jumped off the roof and into the pool
And we spiked our hair and I died yours..
My mom brought us to the punk show
I remember when you got that lump in your nose
I remember when we got her to snort goodies powder like cocaine

I remember the first show that we played
We were gonna make a lot of money
Be famous and get laid
For the rest of our lives
But this is where we are
And that's how we got here
And I guess that it's better than most
And I hope
That we'll be friends again
Track Name: Taint Ripper
I wake up and I'm filled with hate
Another beginning of a day and I'm filled with rage
Disgusted by how many smiles I'll have to fake
Having to deal is driving me insane

I shouldn't have to put up with this shit
I shouldn't have to back down or quit
Why can't I live my life the way I want to
Your own issues are bleeding (into my scene)

I'm not like them
And you fucking know it
What's your fucking deal
Your fucking blowing it
You think that your better than I am
And I'm bring you down
Then get the fuck out
And I'll watch you drown
Track Name: Wheel of Fortune
How is it so easy to grow so far apart
Would you even had believed it at the start
Of our life together
That we would be where we are
It seems so long ago
It seems so far away

It's been a long, long time but here I am standing in front of you
We've made up our minds cause this is our life
Everything we have we've built together
Even when we disagree
I know that you'll be there with me
We have fought and we have yelled
We've told each other to go to hell
But at the end of the day
I know that I'll be there with you

We can't go wrong
If we go together

She will be in my dreams
Even when it's agony
When I can't sleep she is the only thing I see
Sleeping right beside of me looking so peacefully
She will be in my dreams even when it's agony
And I don't know why I just can't smile and pretend to be happy
I just can't live a lie
And I don't know why I just can't leave this place behind

All I know is that
We can't go wrong if we go together
Track Name: Blood Fart
Are you better off not knowing
What I really think
Cause for at least me I know
That ignorance is bliss

Are you gonna be cool with it
Are you gonna be cool with this
It's hard to trust my judgment
Cause I can be a dick

And I can't write what I wanna write
Cause I'm afraid that you will get your stupid feelings hurt
It's just I've been feeling stifled
It's easy to feel stuck when your not going anywhere 3x

It's not that I don't like you
And it's not that I don't care
But if I did and said to you the things that I really think
It might just ruin our relationship